Can you successfully sell your own home?

Many people will believe it’s a simple and good idea to sell their own home–and usually cite the following three reasons for doing so:

  • To save the commission
  • Lack of confidence in salespeople
  • Do-it-myself attitude

Let’s carefully examine each reason and the problems you may face in attempting to sell your own home.


A “For Sale By Owner” home typically attracts bargain hunters. Without a salesperson acting as a buffer between buyer and seller, the asking price is often negotiated substantially DOWNWARD! What the seller had hoped to “save” in not paying the commission is “spent” in arriving at a selling price with the bargain hunter. Usually the amount of the commission and more is subtracted automatically.

The 1990’s is the decade of very special REALTORĀ® skills and expertise, that can save the seller more than just the commission through alternative financing. Financing knowledge is just one of the many special services Fairfield County Real Estate can offer you during your home sale transaction.


When you engage Fairfield County Real Estate, we act as your representative and coordinate all aspects of the sales transaction. We vigorously expose your property to the largest possible market. Your Fairfield County Real Estate representative will help you establish the market value of your home based on a Competitive Market Analysis that will support the price with research, facts and statistics.


Many people offer their homes for sale themselves because they feel basic sales knowledge in other fields translates into sales knowledge in real estate. But only someone experienced in real estate knows the step-by-step procedure involved in a sales transaction. When you try to market your own property, it will have limited exposure and will attract very few qualified potential buyers.

Many problems can arise. For example:

  • Will potential buyers disclose their true situation to you?
  • Can you determine if they can afford to buy?
  • Are their intentions legitimate?
  • Can you supervise the many details?

Your Fairfield County Real Estate representative can answer ALL these questions, help solve the problems, smooth the way, ease the pressure, and assist in making the entire transaction a pleasant one for all parties involved.


There is a vast difference between a licensed real estate salesperson and a REALTORĀ® like Fairfield County Real Estate, who is a member of the National Association of REALTORSĀ®. We are dedicated professionals with a commitment to a strict Code of Ethics and have a proven reputation in successful service to the public. Your trust is our sacred charge. In the sale of your home, this can mean the highest net dollar to you, in the shortest amount of time!

Today, no one can afford to leave the sale of their home to chance! Let Fairfield County Real Estate take charge. It’s OUR business!

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